Thursday, December 3, 2015

Paris Terrorist attacks

Earlier this fall, a series of terrorists attacks were performed in Paris killing over 120 people and critically injuring approximately 80 others. The attacks were committed at six locations around the city including a soccer stadium where two suicide bombers attempted to take out as many civilians as possible during a friendly match between France and Germany. With that said, the majority of the deaths came during a Bataclan concert as well as in other restaurants around the city. Soon after the attacks were committed, ISIS, the Islamic terrorist group took to twitter to admit to the tragedy.
What really struck me was how the people of not only Paris reacted, but also the people of the U.S. Even a couple of minutes after the attacks, social media blew up and made all the details of the attacks known as they were being released. Also, as I looked on Facebook and other websites, people were advocating awareness for the tragedy by temporality changing their profile pictures and posting supportive comments. It really showed me how powerful social media is in this day and age.      

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  1. I noticed the same thing, and I think that this is something that is very positive about social media. It allows news like this to be spread quickly and makes it easier for the world to come together.